Renovation House 2012-13

Side of house next to extra parking place.  8/24/2012

Front of house. 08/24/2012

Front of house. 08/24/2012

 New Roof 11/14/2012
New garage doors  11/28/2012
Trench dug in front of house to remove dirt that was piled too high on the foundation.  1/30/2013
Some of the trash and debris on left side of house at top of terrace.
Amy, Joe and Madelyn cleaned out the debris from the left side of the house below the stone terracing. 10/13/2012
Parking area to the right of the house over looking part of back yard. 08/24/2012

Rear right side of house.  08/24/2012

View from top of hill into backyard. 08/24/2012

Entryway staircase. 08/24/2012

Ceiling in entry. 08/24/2012

View into main floor bath. 08/24/2012

Entry windows. 08/24/2012

View from entry, through dining room to living room.  08/24/2012

View from dining room into kitchen. 08/24/2012
View of dining room looking towards the kitchen.  The ugly white cabinet will be disposed of soon. 2/15/2013

February 15, 2013 View of painted dining room with installed light fixture.  Floor will be replaced after we sell our current home.  Piano will be sold.

February 15, 2013  View of completed dining room from kitchen.  Piano will end up in family room when we have refinished the floors in that room. 

Kitchen. 08/24/2012

Pantry 08/24/2012

Pantry walls getting painted 3/10/13

Removing wall paper in the kitchen October/November 2012

Wall paper removed in kitchen October/November 2012

Wall paper removal October/November 2012

Removing wall paper October/November 2012

Kitchen 08/24/2012
Fresh paint in kitchen.  11/12/2012
Mike installing the tile back splash in the kitchen. 2/21/13

Back splash begun for the area over the stove. 2/21/13
Back splash completed over sink area in kitchen New faucet and garbage disposal installed 3/5/13

Laundry room 08/24/2012

Laundry room 08/24/2012
Dry wall removal in laundry room 1/29/2013
2/15/2013  Plumbing completed and installation installed in laundry room. 

Dry wall removal in laundry room 1/29/2013

Bonus/office room, off of kitchen 08/24/2012

Bonus/office room window 08/24/2012
Amy painting downstairs hallway and bonus room off of kitchen. 3/10/13

Bonus room off of kitchen walls painted. 3/10/13

Painted walls of bonus room off of kitchen. 3/10/13

Family room 08/24/2012
Removal of dry wall in family room 01/12/2012

Family room 08/24/2012

Family room 08/24/2012

Family room 08/24/2012

French window from family room to main floor porch. 08/24/2012
Painting began in the family room.  2/22/13
Family Room wall painted 3/10/13  Carpet being removed also.

Family room walls painted.
Joe removing carpeting and cleaning up the mess in the family room 3/10/13

Joe hard at work in the family room. 3/10/13

Porch/sun room Main floor 08/24/2012
1/30/2013  Ceiling sheet rock and insulation removed in main floor porch.

Porch/sun room main floor 08/24/2012

Porch/sun room on main floor 08/24/2012

Main floor porch/sun room 08/24/2012
1/30/2013  Damaged dry wall and insulation removed from main floor porch.
Walls painted in coat room 3/10/13

Closet painted in coat room. 3/10/13

Second stair case main floor to second story. 08/24/2012
Dry wall removal in stairway ceiling 1/30/2013

second floor bathroom 08/24/2012

Paige/Allie bedroom ceiling. 08/24/2012

Paige/Allie bedroom ceiling 08/24/2012

Paige/Allie Bedroom 08/24/2012
Replaced dormer in Paige/Allie's bedroom 11/17/2012

Paige and Allie bedroom closet 08/24/2012

Amy's bedroom 08/24/2012
Amy's bedroom 08/24/2012
Replaced dormer in Amy's bedroom 11/15/2012
Dry wall removal in Amy's bedroom 11/15/2012
Dry wall removal in Amy's bedroom 1/18/2013

Katie's bedroom 08/24/2012
Debris on Katie's floor from ceiling 1/16/2013

Katie's ceiling 01/16/2013

Katie's bedroom 08/24/2012

Katie/s bedroom 08/24/2012

Top of entry stairs 08/24/2012
Replaced dormer in stairway  11/14/2012

Master bathroom 08/24/2012
Removal of dry wall in master bathroom 01/14/2013
Removal of dry in master bath 1/14/2013

Master bath closet 08/24/2012

Master bedroom 08/24/2012

Master bedroom 08/24/2012
Replaced dormer window in master bedroom 11/12/2012
Removal of drywall in master bedroom 11/20/2012
More drywall removal in master bedroom 11/21/2012
Master closet 08/24/2012

Master closet 08/24/2012
Left side of house at bottom of stone terracing. 10/12/2012

Left side of house at bottom of stone terracing 10/12/2012
Beginning painting in Joe's bedroom 11/27/2012

Joe's closet 11/27/2012
Beginning painting on Madelyn's bedroom 11/27/2012

Madelyn's closet 11/27/2012


Ewe said...

Wow, what a fixer upper! You guys have made a lot of progress in a few months!

Karen said...

Thanks, Ewe! We're substantially behind where we had planned to be at this point. Once the warmer weather arrives, the progress should move more quickly.

MaryAnn said...

Wow, you have done a lot! It's hard to not get discouraged when it doesn't move as fast. Warmer weather will help. It's a wonderful opportunity for your family to work together for a common goal, & what memories!