Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frisbee Golf

Near a local farmer's market, my husband found a Frisbee Golf course. We all spent 3 hours throwing Frisbees and walking through the course. The course crosses a creek several times and has 4 holes that are located in heavily wooded areas. One daughter threw her disc into the creek 3 times on one hole. One son enjoyed wading in the creek to retrieve the disk. Both little girls fell into the creek crossing on a stone path. We had a great time and ended up muddy and sweaty.

After completing our game, we saw a sign that stated the course was used to play the World Championship. Obviously, we will never be world-class players, but we plan on playing regularly the rest of the summer. Frisbee Golf was a great way for all of my family to play together and enjoy each other's company.


GolfBoy said...

That really great that you were played in the great ground

Glenda said...

My kids like to play frisbee golf too, sounds like you find a really nice place.