Wednesday, September 24, 2008

College Credits in High School

We went to the first Entrepreneur class earlier this week. The class will be taught by Generation E instructors. During the first session, the children were introduced to ideas for businesses. The instructor mentioned several businesses that previous students have successfully built. I was impressed with some of the service businesses. One group of students developed a food delivery service that the students are using to pay their way through college. The students provide food delivery for all the nearby fast food restaurants. The college does not have food service available on Sunday evenings and many students do not have transportation. The delivery business adds 20% to the cost of the fast food meal.

The students in the Entrepreneur class will receive 3 college business credits from the local community college FREE! I'm really pleased that my kids will have this opportunity to earn college credit while interacting with people who are successful business leaders.

My 2 high school students are also joining a Robotics competition team. They will be meeting one a week, for three hours. They will be designing robots, writing programing and building robots. The students will be working together in small groups with various community leaders who will share their expertise. The high school students will be receiving 5 free college credit hours in engineering and computer design at the local community college.

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