Monday, September 15, 2008


We received 10.85 inches of rain on Saturday and Sunday. All of the brown yards are now green. The roof had minor leaking over my school/writing desk. We were able to stick a bowl on the desk and catch the water. My poor husband went up on the roof find the problem. He was able to wait until the rain had slackened a little, but still ended up soaking wet.

Due to the rain, the children have been cooped up in the house for the last 7 days. They are a little stir crazy. I shipped the kids outside in their swim wear for 1 hour to let them burn off some energy. They explored the mud puddles, collected toads from the window wells, and observed "hugging" toads.

We were all experiencing cabin fever, so I took them to the movies on Sunday afternoon to see Wall-E. The little girls enjoyed the movie a lot. The older children thought that it was okay. I thought the politically correct message was too strong and detracted from my enjoyment. The Pixar movie short was excellent. We will not be purchasing this movie.

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