Monday, October 20, 2008

Children Need Playtime

Last week, I experienced a melt down. My house wasn't as clean as I like it, my children were whiny, I was crabby, and 2 children were sick at various times throughout the week. Our schedule has been so busy that I think we were just exhausted. Friday, we stayed home from all activities. It was wonderful. The healthy children went outside after their school work was completed and played. Dress-up capes were dragged outside and various weapons were gathered. The children climbed trees, fenced with each other, shot each other with pellet guns, raked up all the leaves in the backyard, jumped in the leaves, performed stunts on the trampoline, and most important of all they laughed with each other. My heart felt so much lighter to hear them enjoy spending time with each other after all the bickering during the week.

Because one child was sick all weekend, we stayed home. No guests were allowed over at our house. Saturday was very similar to Friday, except two children decided to bake cookies for when we watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull in the evening. I had time to grocery shop and prepare a real meal of roasted chicken, homemade French bread, salad, and asparagus. YUM! We enjoyed the homemade Coconut-Brown Sugar Refrigerator Cookies and milk with the fireplace lit for the first time this season.

We're not going to be swimming this week at the Y-center. I want the children to get more sleep and get over whatever bug is at our house. The children and I discussed all the various activities were supposed to be doing this week. We reached the decision that we will only be attending the activities if our home is picked up and the children (especially the younger two) are in good moods. It's simply too stressful to drag tired, uncooperative children to outside events.

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