Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Friday was my wonderful husband's 44th birthday. Yes, I'm one year older than him. Someday, I will accept the fact gracefully, but not yet! The kids and I were gone almost all days with activities. His cake was baked between our visit to the animal shelter and music/dance class.

When we got home, dinner was fully prepared and waiting to be eaten. Before anyone assumes that I was a terrible wife and didn't cook for him, my husband wanted to cook a new recipe. He made Bourbon Chicken, rice, cabbage salad, bread, and beef chop suey. The Bourbon Chicken was good, but Mike wants to tweak it next time. The soy and bourbon tastes were a little strong.

After our delicious meal, I made German Chocolate frosting. He had bought Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It was a great combination!

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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