Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's a little sad, a little exciting, and definitely the closing of a life chapter. This afternoon, I took down my youngest child's toddler bed. My children tend to be much smaller sized than average. Most of them have been in toddler beds until they are 4-5 years of age. I have had a crib or toddler bed set up in the small bedroom for the last 21 years and 2 months.

We had planned on getting the two youngest girls bunk-beds for Christmas. Unfortunately, they kept moving the toddler bed around the bedroom and leaping from little bed to the large captain's bed, where our 5 year old sleeps. Today, they bent one of the metal clips that holds the bed base in place and I was afraid that they would eventually knock the bed onto themselves and get hurt. They will be sharing the 5 year old's bed until we purchase the bunk-beds in a few months. While we were placing pillows on the new shared bed, the 5 year old expressed a concern that she would be pestered during bedtime by her younger sister. Her younger sister pesters her now, so I don't see a big difference. We usually find both girls in the same bed at some point during the night.

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