Friday, October 31, 2008

We Can See!

Last week, Stephen and I went to the eye-doctor for exams and new eye wear. Steve had broken his glasses last summer and I hadn't gotten new lenses for several years. Steve was able to get some new glasses with magnetic sun glass clips. His eyes have gotten a lot worse and he's really happy to be able to see again. Now that his eyes are fixed, it's time to fight for getting him a hair cut. Why do 13 year old boys want hair that looks like a dog's rear end?

I needed to increase my left eye prescription and change the brand of contacts I use. The lenses don't seem to be working very well. With the new prescription, my left eye can only see the second line on the eye chart. Both eyes are more blurry than they used to be. I'm hoping that the doctor will let me try another brand of lenses when I return for my follow-up exam next week.

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