Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time for Myself

We're having a really tough time right now. I'm not able to talk about it, but please remember my family in your prayers. My stress level is through the roof and tears are frequent. Our van died a couple of weeks ago and I will be without a vehicle for at least the entire summer which is not helping my situation. My wonderful husband told me to make sure that I do some things for myself each day. He thinks that it will help me deal with our situation. Today I spent 1/2 in hour locked in my bedroom doing yoga. It felt good to work up a good sweat. This afternoon I made my youngest 2 girls take a rest period because they were down with vomiting yesterday. During their enforced rest period, I made some cards. One card was to a dear friend whose son left for Afghanistan yesterday and another one for my mom who underwent another chemotherapy session last week. I made a couple of extra cards for whenever they are needed. Here are the "extra" cards. They are not particularly exciting, but I enjoyed the quiet crafty time.

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