Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sewing Projects

Last Monday, I heard the words that no sewing mom likes to hear. "Mom, I don't have any summer tops or shorts that fit." The weather was predicted to be hot and steamy all week. Poor Paige and Allie (who wear the same size) had almost completely outgrown their summer clothing. I am a bad mom. Both girls have grown 2" since January. Any normal mom would have purchased summer duds for her children (or planned ahead and sewed some outfits in the early spring.) Not me. I wait until it's 90 degrees and my kids have to wear corduroy slacks and long sleeve shirts.

Throughout the week, I managed to complete two short sets for each girl and two nightgowns each. They had been wearing blanket sleepers and flannel nightgowns. The girls are much more comfortable and are sleeping better too.

In my defense, the material stash was still in boxes in the basement, hidden underneath tons of stuff that belongs in a garage. Frankly, I've been too overwhelmed (and lazy) to deal with the basement. My time has been much better spent watching Judge Judy. Now that I have completed my legal training and am able to predict the rulings, I will HAVE to tackle the dreaded basement!

We're supposed to get a lot of rain this week, so Joe dragged all the material boxes and seasonal clothing upstairs. Madelyn should have quite a bit of summer wear, but the boys will need more clothing. Hopefully, a lot of projects can get completed and the basement will have some order.