Monday, July 12, 2010

Letter Boxing with Friends

Today was our second day of letter boxing this week! Steve, Joe, Madelyn, Paige, Allie and I met up with friends to search for letter boxes. Our friends are seasoned letter boxers, having found hundreds of letter boxes. They graciously offered to go letter boxing with us and help decipher clues. We located three boxes and enjoyed playing at three different locations. Kim (the mom) showed me some pointers. My favorite one was that she brings M & M's for the kids to celebrate finding each box! Why couldn't I have thought of something like that to inspire my brood?

One of our favorite stops today was in an undiscovered park.

The park encourages visitors to use their 5 senses throughout the park. The kids touched lambs ear plants, mosses, ornamental grasses.

They ate blueberries, green beans, and banana peppers that they picked off the plants.
They saw a profusion of colors in various fragrant flowers and plants.

One of our favorite activities was when the kids stood in the middle of a brick circle that amplified their voices.

The park is an undiscovered gem.

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