Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Children's "Education"

Well, my youngsters were able to view an automobile accident (no one was hurt) and watch someone take a sobriety test all from the front porch of our home. The accident wasn't serious. A truck ran the yield sign and hit a car. The total damage to both vehicles was a couple of broken tail-lights. The driver of the truck was a little spacey, so the police officer gave him a sobriety test. My kids were fascinated by the entire procedure and the younger two children began acting out the tests in the front yard. I ended up sending the kids to either sit in lawn chairs on the front porch or go to the backyard and play with the other 11 children who were playing at my house.

Another officer located an open quart of beer in the front seat of the truck, so the truck was impounded and the driver carted off in the back of the police car.

I'm so thankful that the accident was minor and none of the children playing in the yard were hurt. The car that was hit ended up in the yard across the street from our home. God is good!

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