Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Results of My Procrastination

School begins in only 4 weeks! What have I done with my summer? What happened to my good intentions of having the school year all mapped out by August? I need to get motivated and organized, to pull off all the things that still need to be accomplished.
Wasting time goofing off and reading books needs to end, if there is any hope of getting ready for the school year. It's important to me that we aren't rushed off our feet this fall. I want to focus on the children's schooling, while still having time to enjoy being with family and friends.

Here's the to do list:

* Finish organizing the school cupboard.

* Organize all the book cases, so we can locate reading materials when needed.

* Clean out and organize the storage closet in the dining room.

* Complete all the lesson planning.

* Determine which activities to incorporate into our schedule.

* Freeze peaches and apricots.

* Make and can tomato sauce and salsa.

* Freeze broccoli.

* Solve storage issue in youngest girls' bedroom.

* Find time to visit zoo, bird sanctuary, Lake Michigan, and museum.

* Squeeze in small camping trip with family.

It seems like to much for me to accomplish, but I'm going to try anyway. The easy things to cancel would be the trips and camping expedition, but we haven't done any small trips as a family this summer. The kids are growing up so fast that I hate to miss out on fun experiences with them.

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