Thursday, August 19, 2010

School Preparations

My poor blog has been neglected lately, as I rushed around getting ready for the up-coming school year. There is still much too be done, but the task is no longer daunting. Our school books arrived and I've been determining manageable assignments for the children. Amy has been organizing our home library with Katie's assistance, which saved me several day's work. It is such a blessing to have former library workers who are willing to straighten out our book cases every now and then.

While looking through Steve's 11th grade English book, I realized that I had forgotten the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs. During my school days, English was an easy subject for me. When I began teaching high school English to my own children, I realized that I'm not that great at English grammar. My test-taking skills were wonderful, but didn't truly measure my understanding of English. Amy (who majored in English/writing) spent 20 minutes tutoring me, so Steve and I should be able to get through his English class this year.

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