Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm ready for school to start. Not our home-school, but the public school. My children enjoy spending everyday playing with the neighborhood children. The children need to spend time developing friendships, learning how to cope with various social situations, and getting lots sunshine and fresh air. I just need a break from other people's children.

Don't get me wrong. I like my children's friends. They are nice children. After months of 20+ children around each day, I begin to feel claustrophobic. Saturday, I kept Paige and Allie in the house all day. Silly me assumed that the neighborhood children under 10 wouldn't come over. I was wrong. Seven 4-6 year old children hung out on my front porch with their older siblings and my older children.

A few months ago, Allie was bit by a neighbor's dog. It wasn't a bad bite, more like a scratch. The neighbor apologized and promised to keep the dog inside when my children were playing with her children. Friday, Paige and Allie took Buster (our Jack Russell) outside. No other children were outside and we chained Buster in the yard, near his dog house. Ten minutes later, I heard that Buster had bitten the same neighbor's 6-year old. The bite was mainly a scratch and I apologized to the neighbor. The neighbor mentioned that Buster was in her yard. There is a fence between our property and Buster was still chained up. When I told her that he was still chained, her 6-year old explained that he had cut the fence earlier in the week, so that he could get in our yard! The neighbor promised to fix the fence and was very nice about the dog bite. I really need some "family only" time!

We start school next week. I think that we'll do day trips for the remainder of this week....just until the neighborhood quiets down for a while.

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