Friday, September 24, 2010


Singing has always been something that I love to do. When I was still in school, I sang in the various choirs. As an adult, I sang in the church choir for many years. Since Paige and Allie joined our family, it was necessary to give up my choir participation. There was too much that needed to be done at home and the older children we busy and couldn't keep an eye on the younger children. The drive to church was another deterrent.

After deciding to join the church in our town, Amy and I joined the choir. There have been 3 practices since we joined. I had forgotten how much I enjoy harmonizing with other singers. Everyone has been quite welcoming. Amy feels really out of place because I am the next youngest choir member. She feels like we have joined the "white hair brigade."

Amy and I return to our pew after the choir sings and sit with the rest of our family. We cram in next too each other and end up sharing a hymnal. Amy and I have a similar singing-range. Katie has sung in choirs for years, but sings 1st soprano. The rest of my children either sing very quietly or are tone deaf. It makes a huge difference to sit next to someone who sings loudly and in the same part.

I'll miss Amy for many reasons when she finds employment and moves away from home permanently, especially when we're singing hymns in church.

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