Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Canoe Trip

Mike had today off from work, so we were able to take everyone to a nearby lake to canoe. Paige, Madelyn, Joe, Steve, and Katie have all used canoes at camp. This was Allie's first time in a boat of any kind. Mike wanted us to start on a large, nearby river, but I was too worried about us tipping the canoe into the cold water.

Mike, Paige, Allie and I took the first trip out into the lake. Allie immediately began to cry. She was afraid that we were going to fall into the lake. Even though we were quite a distance from shore, the water was only about 3-4' deep. After a short trip, we headed back to shore. Amy and Joe took the second trip out. Steve and Katie had an uneventful third trip.

All in all, it was a good day. The younger girls had the opportunity to do a little fishing from the shore, while the older children were out in the canoe. Paige and Allie had the most turns, because they were able to ride when some of the older children were taking their turns.

Next Sunday, Mike and I will probably take a river trip, while the children stay at home. We think that we found a good place to be dropped off on the river. We will be able to float downstream to within 5 blocks of our house.

Canoeing was a good way to get a little arm exercise and spend some time with Mike and the children. It still isn't as much fun as letterboxing though.

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