Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

My mom decided not to hold her annual Halloween party. She usually does a huge production with wild games, lots of prizes and candy, and tons of great food. She also does a cake walk, where each family goes home with a full-sized cake for each person.

To keep my children from feeling let-down this year and because trick or treat day was the 30th, I decided to do a wimpy family party on Halloween. We had a blast. I didn't do a lot of preparation, but Mike and I threw together some simple, silly games.

What is a Halloween party without everyone eating a donut without using their hands?
Katie was the winner, but Joe had the most messy fun!

A piggy-back race. Kate and Joe were the winning team.

The wheel barrow race.

The three-legged race. One group was a four-legged group.

Mike thought that regular bobbing for apples wasn't interesting. We bobbed for apples, grape tomatoes or green olives.

Everyone laughed and had a great time. After a dinner of chili dogs, chips, and salsa, we all watched "The Corpse Bride." We will definitely do another party like this one. I wasn't running around trying to get supplies ready and everyone had fun. Sometimes simple things are the best!

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Melinda said...

Sounds like fun Karen!