Monday, November 1, 2010

October 30 th Fun

Joe, our "Eddie Munster" vampire.

Amy, who tried to scare the visitors, while passing out candy.

Our small town did trick or treating on Saturday night from 5:30-7:30. The nearby park offered free roasted hot dogs, popcorn, beverages, and drinks for all children in costumes. Mike and I walked down to the park with the two youngest girls. We probably won't bother doing the hot dog roast next year. The crowds were huge and the hot dogs cold and burnt.

Paige, our good little witch.

The local skate park had a Halloween contest/party. Steve, Kate, Madelyn and Joe spent most of the day at the skate park watching the contests and hanging out with their friends. Steve won one event, but missed out on two contests because he had to run home for food. The skate party lasted until around 7:00pm. The event was organized and ran by two 20-something guys who used to spend a lot of time at the skate park. Mike and I walked down to the park for a short time to see some of the contests.

Madelyn, the mad scientist.

We had over 200 beggars (children in costumes) stop by our house. In our former neighborhood, we had a lot of carloads come by. Here almost all of the kids were walking in groups or with their parents. The temperature was wonderful making it a great night to be outside.

Allie, our little princess.

Steve, aka Where's Waldo.

After everyone came home, the older children had friends over until late. They ate all the remaining candy and horsed around. We seem to becoming an evening hang-out for teens. I really love that the kids and their friends enjoy hang out at our home. We've been able to get to know our children's friends a little better. On the downside, I can no longer change into pajamas at 8:00pm. Oh, the sacrifices moms make for their children!

Katie didn't dress up for Halloween. She and her boyfriend walked the two youngest girls around the neighborhood. I was impressed that she offered to help out, instead of wanting to pass candy or hang out with friends.

Steve's good friend, Shane.

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