Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ups and Downs

My family had a great time today, just not with each other. Sometimes it's good to spend time with friends. We tend to spend so much time with each other, that fresh faces, personalities, and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Kate, Steve, and Joe spent the afternoon bowling with the robotics team. They were able to meet the new members and hang out with dear friends. It should be a great year!

While the older kids were bowling, I met a dear friend from the town where we used to live. We met in a town about half way between where we each live. She has the letterboxing bug too, so we spent the time looking for letterboxes. We managed to snag several boxes. It was so much fun to visit and laugh with her again.

We saw two deer in a nature preserve. One was huge and ran away as soon as it heard us on the hiking trail. The small, fairly young deer stood and watched us as we approached. I think we walked with 10 feet of where it was standing. Beautiful creatures!

Madelyn, Allie, and Paige spent the afternoon playing with neighborhood friends. They haven't had a lot of time to play lately, so it was a great afternoon for them as well.

Unfortunately, Mike was ill today, so he spent most of the day sleeping. At least with everyone out of the house, it was quiet enough for him to get a good rest.

At church today, I learned that the pastor wants to move the traditional worship service to early in the morning. He plans to have a folksong service at 10:30 and a contemporary service with a praise band Sunday evening. We are very disheartened. One of the reasons we visited this church was the traditional Lutheran service. I'm not sure if we will be joining this church after all. It was such a difficult decision to make to leave WELS and join a different denomination. We will be continuing to pray about our church dilemma.

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