Monday, December 13, 2010

Allie Turns 6

Allie's birthday was yesterday. We had church and Sunday school in the morning, followed by a rehearsal for the children's Christmas service in the early afternoon. Amy and I had choir rehearsal before church, so Mike came to the church later with the rest of the family. As they entered the church, I noticed that Allie wasn't wearing a coat. She was wearing a winter headband that covered her ears, but no coat. I guess if her ears are warm, she doesn't feel the need to have warm arms. Mike promised to check for coats, as well as footwear when she leaves the house.

After lunch, we let Allie open one of her gifts, which was a card game. She has recently discovered a love of card games and board games. Mike is getting really tired of never-ending Monopoly games, so he chose this card game because it gets over quickly. We all sat around for an hour and played several rounds of her new game. She won most of the games, so it was highly successful.

Allie wanted to open the remainder of her presents, so we gave them to her. She loved what she got and had a grand time playing with her new stuff until dinner was done cooking. It was so much fun watching the older children and her playing with her Moon Dough(?) in the dining room. I'm hoping that it will be much less messy than Play Dough.

The children are allowed to pick their dinner meal on their birthday. We used to take them out to eat, but with 7 children and 3 December birthdays, we found that we couldn't afford to take them out that often in December. Allie's choices were Pizza Rolls, green beans, tortilla chips, and Mike's homemade salsa. The grown ups in our household all had heartburn last night.

Allie requested a princess birthday cake. I'm not very adept at drawing, so my cake decorating skills are limited. After drawing the princess on the cake with icing, the cake looked pretty sad. In an attempt to disguise my lack of finesse, the cake was thoroughly sprinkled with white snow crystals and named "The Snow Princess". Allie loved the cake, but it was pretty bad. No photo evidence of this fiasco!

It was a fun day, twinged with some sadness. My baby is now a big kid.

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Glenda said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Allie. I remember when she was just a little tyke stopping at my house, which doesn't seem that long ago.

Isn't it fun to see what they pick for their birthday meals. It is one of my joys for the day!