Sunday, January 23, 2011

Musical Furniture

Madelyn, Paige, and Allie decided that they wanted to share a bedroom. Madelyn has been using our front room as her bedroom since we moved into this house. The front door opens into our dining room and the living room is good sized, so it seemed a simple solution. Now, she prefers to have a bedroom upstairs like all the other children.

This weekend was spent moving furniture from one location to another. We're all sore and will need to spend tomorrow morning finishing up, but we are taking the rest of the day off.

Here's what we accomplished:

1. Took down Madelyn's captain bed and moved up stairs. Reassembled.
2. Removed and sorted out two tall bookcases that had books two rows deep on each shelf.
3. Moved empty bookcases from one wall to another. Returned books to shelves.
4. Moved upright piano to new location.
5. Emptied out large, two door storage unit and moved 6". Refilled storage unit.
6. Moved sofa from family room to new music/game room.
7. Emptied desk and moved to family room.
8. Moved desktop computer, printer, and scanner to desk and reassembled.
9. Removed 100's of DVD, video games, VHS tapes, 3 game systems, and large older television from armoire.
10. Lugged extremely heavy (the piano is much lighter) armoire from sunken family room to game/music room. Hurt myself.
11. Replaced all items into armoire and set up electronics mess.
12. Emptied two chests of drawers and moved one upstairs. Moved other chest to dining room. Left mess of items from chests on dining room table.
13. Decided we were all going to eat in the family room tonight and take care of the rest tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to sort out a few stacks of books, maybe 50 books total. The dining room table needs to be uncovered and I should sort out the school cupboard, which I may switch with the 2 door storage unit.

I'm so happy with all the stuff that we got accomplished today. Everything was dusted and polished. The walls, ceilings, and windows were cleaned. The change of bedroom was just what I needed to get motivated to knock out my major cleaning jobs. When spring arrives, our home should be organized and in good condition. We will have time to play and enjoy the outdoors without knowing that there a jobs that should be accomplished.

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