Friday, January 21, 2011


It's been difficult to get into a sewing mood since Christmas. Yesterday, I forced myself to work on a nightgown for Allie, who is all arms and legs these days. It was a blast. I managed to complete the nightgown in about 1 hour. Everything went together smoothly. The sewing machine didn't act up. No alterations were necessary on the completed garment. The project went so quickly that there was enough time to whip up 8 luncheon napkins in spring prints.

The experience was so different than sewing under a deadline. Sewing 30 items in the 4 weeks before Christmas is never easy. In my hurry, things go wrong. The tension on the sewing machine invariable gets bumped and seams need to be ripped out. Elastic pieces are 2" short. (I have pieced together elastic scraps on Christmas Eve to finish lounge pants before.) The whole sewing crunch is stressful and a chore I almost dread.

I hadn't realized how much the sewing crunch has snatched the joy that I used to experience creating useful household items and clothing for my family. Sometimes, I get so caught up in crossing things off of my to do list that I forget to enjoy the process.

One of my goals for this year is to try to savor the tasks that I enjoy and try to find joy in the tasks that I dislike. Hopefully, focusing on the positive will help keep my seasonal depression at bay.

Since yesterday's sewing was so enjoyable, I started making an Easter wall hanging. It's a simple pattern of embellished Easter eggs that my youngest two girls will enjoy.

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