Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easter Wall Hanging

I'm gradually working my way through the bits and pieces of material in my sewing supplies. After browsing through various quilting magazines from 5-8 years ago, a simple applique wall hanging was chosen. Most of the scraps of material came from various dresses that I made for Amy, Katie, and Madelyn when they were little.

None of the Easter-themed wall hangings were what I was wanting. My children receive Easter baskets at Easter, but we focus on Christ's raising from the dead and our salvation, instead of the Easter bunny. So Easter baskets and cute bunnies were not what I was wanting for this wall hanging.

In the end, a simple egg pattern was drawn. After cutting out the eggs, I hand appliqued the eggs to the background fabric. Then embroidered around each egg by hand.
A segment of quilted fabric (from an almost new mattress pad was used at the backing and batting.

Overall, I pleased with the wall hanging. My youngest two girls are eagerly awaiting when they can hang it on the wall. The best part is that no money was spent to complete this project. It was completely made from items on hand. I love "free" projects!

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