Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We're not a sentimental family. The cards that we give each other for birthday's and anniversaries tend to be humorous, rather than "mushy". So St. Valentine's Day is kind of laid-back at our house.

Yesterday, I baked heart sugar cookies for 4 hours. The kids were taking several dozen cookies to the robotic team's build tonight. The rest were for the family to enjoy throughout the day. I was a cheapskate and didn't purchase any boxes of candy for the kids this year. Mike and I decided that our vehicle purchase last week would count for our Valentine's presents and our anniversary presents to each other this year.

Today, the kids and I made cards for each other. A couple of the cards that I received were precious. Paige had spent a lot of time cutting out hearts and writing out sentiments. She also sewed yarn around the edges of the card and glued a yard bow in the center of one of the heart. Allie's card contained a portrait of me, several hearts, and the sentiment, "I heart mommy!". She too put a lot of effort in the cards she made.

The older children were another matter. I will not use names to protect the guilty. One child gave another child a card that said, "Mommy loves me the best!" Another child gave a card that said, "I love you with all my butt." This saying is from a card my sister gave to someone that said, "I love you with all my butt." When the card is open the text reads, "It's so much bigger than my heart." Unfortunately, my child who presented the card doesn't have much of a rear end.

The most unusual card that I received today was pretty normal on the inside, but the back of the card contained a drawing of a man being beheaded with a guillotine. It was presented to me by someone who explained that the card was historically accurate. I should be proud of my child who include historic tidbits in their cards.

Valentine's Day....what would winter be without this lively interruption.

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