Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Update

Tomorrow, my youngest nephew is getting baptized. My sister asked me to be one of his sponsors. Our family had planned to all attend church together tomorrow morning, but Paige has broken out in a high fever/sore throat again. So Mike will be staying home with her. I'm not sure how they are going to treat her this time. She finished her last antibiotic just a few days ago. I think that she has tried all the various antibiotics in the last 6-8 weeks. Her system really needs some time to develop good bacteria again.

Steve's good friend, Brian, came to visit this weekend. I was able to bring him to our house after robotics on Friday. The boys always have a good time together. Brian fits so well with our family that I frequently forget that we have company. Katie, Joe, Steve and Brian stayed up late last night watching DVD's. Poor Joe had to get up early this morning to deliver his papers. He overslept this morning, but I had woke up early and managed to get him out the door in time to deliver the papers before the deadline.

Allie, Paige and I prepared food for our family Superbowl bash. Our family aren't football people, but we always watch the Superbowl and eat lots of special foods. Allie began planning the Superbowl menu back in October. Yesterday, she asked if we could play games and Wii during the Superbowl party, not realizing the point in the party was to watch the game. Okay, we watch the commercials. And eat snacks.

Mike helped the two youngest girls make a fairy house last night while I was driving the older children to robotics. The fairy house has a beautiful chandelier, jeweled beads hanging from the walls, ornate windows, and framed pictures hanging on the walls. The three of them are planning on making furniture and knick-knacks next week. I was surprised by the attention to detail that the three of them used. When they finish, I'll post pictures.

All the children have been sledding and snowboarding a lot this weekend. Yesterday, I realized that Paige and Allie are doing jumps off the ramp that the kids built in our backyard. They built up a large mound of packed snow on the edge of our deck (which is 3' off the ground) and them packed snow next to the deck to make a hill. About 10' further, they built another mound. The kids slide down the deck-hill and to jumps on the mound in the yard. It was a little nerve wracking to watch Allie try to turn around in the air, but I solved the problem by no longer watching.

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