Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Doldrums

It's the time during winter when many people struggle to maintain a good disposition. Some people get listless and spend time lounging on the sofa reading good books. Other people spend time cleaning out cupboards, closets and organizing their homes. Motivated home school families accomplish huge amounts of school work before the sunshine and warm days return. I've done a little bit of all those things, but recently it's gotten more difficult to keep pushing forward.

The skies have been overcast for days. The recent snow and ice storms have made traveling precarious. Katie has been around quite a bit because of mid-winter break and snow days. We love having her home, but it changes the dynamics of our school days. Allie and Paige want to see what Katie is doing, so I'm constantly trying to get them back on task. Steve, Joe, and Madelyn want to sleep as late as Kate does. Unfortunately, they can't sleep until noon and still get their school work done.

I keep reminding everyone that we need to apply ourselves NOW, so we can complete our work by Easter. Easter is so late this year, that I'd like to skip our normal spring break and finish our school year by Maundy Thursday.

Part of our restlessness is due to a lack of consistent exercise. The weather hasn't been conducive to our normal outdoor activities. I think we will start our day playing Wii Fit tomorrow and then do yoga together. It should shake up our normal routine and get rid of some of the children's excess energy.

Come on Spring! We need you!

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