Friday, March 25, 2011

Cemetery Visit

I wanted to plant another letterbox at a local cemetery, so Mike and I took Allie and Katie to walk through the cemetery with us. Paige asked if she could bring her bike or roller blades and was disappointed when she learned that she couldn't bring them. After thinking for a few seconds, she stated emphatically that she didn't want to come with because there was nothing to do, except walk and be bored. Katie suggested that she bring a shovel and they could play archeologist. I ignored Kate's not to helpful comment and told the children to get in the car if they wanted to come with us.

After we arrived at the cemetery, Allie asked Katie if she had brought the shovel.

We walked through the cemetery looking for a good hiding place and reading various stones and monuments. Allie noticed that several of the head-stones had poles with attached metal stars in the ground nearby. I explained that the stars were used to distinguish soldiers who had belonged to the GAR. She looked at me solemnly and explained that they were not for soldiers. The stars were for fairies. She pointed to a nearby grave and mentioned that that star was for Tinkerbell and the one next to it was for Water Fairy.

At least she has a vivid imagination.

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