Monday, March 7, 2011

Confessions of a Harried Homeschool Mom

Last week I realized that we had misplaced the two chapter books that I am reading to Paige and Allie. Also missing last week was the main history text for this year. The grammar/English book I was using with Madelyn and Joe has been missing since January.

The English book was a nuisance but, the kids are doing a lot of writing assignments. We are covering their grammar and punctuation through their writing. Amy has an English degree, so I ask her to help when I'm asked a question that stumps me.

The literature and history books are necessary for us to complete our school work this year as quickly as possible. I should have spent the weekend searching for the missing books. They are probably shoved under some child's bed hidden beneath the dirty socks and skateboards. Was I a responsible homeschool mom? Of course not!

Instead of searching for missing school materials, I spent the weekend carving stamps, sewing, making cards, making Letterbox Trading Cards, and cutting out quilt squares. If I was trying really hard to justify my poor behavior, I could say that I needed to be near the computer, so that I could watch the older kids' robot competition. I could also pretend that I was focusing my energies on my sick 7 year old. But, I'm confessing here. I shamelessly spent the weekend doing activities that I enjoy doing.

Today, I furiously cleaned the main living areas of our home. The books aren't on the main floor. Tomorrow, it will be necessary to brave the bedrooms of the kids. Supposedly, all the bedrooms are in ship shape order, but I know my children......they have some confessing to do also. The apples don't fall far from the tree around here!

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Ewe said...

Doesn't it seem hopeless? My boys are younger than your kids so they need a lot more help to clean up. We worked hard to clean up the toys in the basement last week and it is already a mess and should be done again. I'm glad that you took some time to do some fun things over the weekend, because the work will always be there!