Friday, March 4, 2011

My First LTC!

My family keeps telling me that I have a letterbox addiction. They are probably right. I love getting on the trail and hiking through the woods in search of the elusive letterbox, but winter in Michigan isn't condusive to winter letterboxing. I went a few times in the snow, but it wasn't a wholly enjoyable experience. There is no place to set the logbook without getting it wet. The boxes are hidden under mounds of snow. Fingers freeze without gloves while stamping in.

In desperation, I signed up for some postal letterboxes, which are letterboxes that are mailed to the home. I won't mention how many postals I collected this winter, but will simply state that I filled an entire logbook....100 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Mike has asked me to slow down, because mailing all those postals are beginning to make a dent in our budget.

The weather still isn't great for letterboxing, so I discovered Letter Box Trading Cards (LTCs), which are trading cards that letterboxers create using cardstock and other crafting supplies. The stack of cards is mailed to one person who collects cards from around 20 people. The person gives every participant 1 card from each member of the group. The cost of a LTC ring is substantial cheaper than doing postal letterboxes.

Today, I made my first LTC. It's not a fabulous card, but it's a starting point. There are several wonderful tutorials on the internet about various techniques that can be used to embellish the cards. I should learn a lot of new things to put on my scrapbook pages. My first card is called Italy and will be used in the "Where do you want to be?" group.

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Looks good Karen!