Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Update

Mike and I were going to go letterboxing this afternoon. I planned to add three boxes to my Dr. Who series and wanted to plant another series in Kalamazoo. We planned to leave after lunch. A few minutes before we were going to leave, Amy and Katie announced that they were heading to the movies to see The King's Speech and then were going to Panera for supper.

I was a little disappointed because I've been wanting to see that movie. The girls looked at me, smiled, and suggested that I go with them too. They knew that I would be jealous. Mike quickly seconded their suggestion. So instead of letterboxing today, I went to the movies.

The movie was wonderful. The Best Picture Award was well deserved. Colin Firth was excellent. An unexpected bonus was seeing Jennifer Ehle. I loved them in Pride and Prejudice and loved seeing them together again. Many of my favorite British actors were in the film. The three of us kept turning to each other and mouthing the actors from the Harry Potter movies that were in this film. I highly recommend this movie.

We had dinner at Panera. I hadn't eaten at Panera's before and wasn't sure what to order. After much deliberation, I ordered a steak and white cheddar. While waiting for my order, the employees discovered that they were out of steak. I ended up getting 1/2 a sandwich, a bag of chips, and green tea for $2.70. The manager refunded the price of my food. What a bargain!

Our family attended a WELS church in Sturgis today. The Missouri synod church that we have been attending has gone to a contemporary service, so we will not be joining. The service we attended today was very nice. The sermon was law and gospel based. The service followed the full litergy for communion. The church has a wonderful choir and the building has great acoustics. We haven't decided to join this church yet, but we will be attending again soon.

My older children were more comfortable at this church, than they were at the church in our town. There are more children in the church and people were friendly in a quiet manner.


MaryAnn said...

Sorry to hear about the Missouri church, hopefully the Sturgis church will help you grow in His Wisdom and Love!

Karen said...

Thanks MaryAnn. It's been difficult to find a church home. I know that you know exactly what I'm talking about. I really miss talking to you! You should come visit sometime.