Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Canning Season Returns

Strawberries are now cheap in the grocery stores. Mike brought home several pounds of berries, pectin, and lots of sugar Monday. Madelyn and I processed all the fruit and I made strawberry jam. Our family is made up of jam snobs. Store bought jam is sneered at whenever it is offered as a substitute for homemade.

Strawberry jam is by far our family's favorite type of jam. Last year, the kids ate 24 jars of strawberry jam by the end of June! We weren't able to get any more strawberries, so there was NO jam during the long winter months. I was able to make 15 pints of jam yesterday and will make more when the local berries become available. The strawberry jam will be hidden from the kids and put into a rotation with the other types of jam that I make each year.

Asparagus is now in season. I'm planning on getting 40 pounds next week to freeze. We love roasted asparagus and the frozen is quite tasty, even though it's never as good as fresh roasted. Wouldn't it be wonderful if asparagus season was longer?

I'm looking forward to filling up the canning cellar and the freeze with all the wonderful vegetables and fruits this summer. It's so satisfying to know that we have wholesome, well prepared foods on hand, especially when the cost of produce rises during the colder months.

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Ewe said...

I also did 20 jars of strawberry jam on Friday. We already ate one jar! I gave a couple away already. So I will be anxious to get more fruit through the summer and make different kinds of jam. We had finished all the jam that I made last year so I was really glad to see strawberries on sale. Our store berries were really nice berries too. I had never made strawberry jam before and I think it will be a favorite here too.