Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a fun Mother's Day this year. Katie took me out for lunch and girl talk. While we were gone, the other children cleaned up the entire house! What a wonderful surprise. Amy made her delicious home-made pizza for supper. Steve prepared a salad. Allie, Paige and I played a few games of dominoes after lunch. I don't spend enough time playing with my youngest girls.

After supper, the entire family played Pictionary. Not the one that is purchased in a box from the store. We wrote out clues, found huge rolls of paper and a few markers and played. All of the kids are old enough to draw and play by themselves now. We allow the youngest two girls to ask for ideas on how to draw their selections.

Every time some said, "It's a book or a movie." The entire group yelled, "Harry Potter and the ....". Happily, no one wrote down any Harry Potter books. My favorite moment of the night came after Amy read her selection. She told me that I was mean and it was an almost impossible clue. After she mentioned that it was a movie or a play, Paige yelled out, "Romeo and Juliet! I watched it on t.v. today." Paige was right and Amy hadn't drawn a single line.

I didn't get an opportunity to drive over to see my mom. There was too much running around to do and I couldn't fit it in. Katie and I did manage to purchase her Prom dress, but she still needs shoes and some type of wrap. It's going to be around 60 on Saturday. Knowing Katie, she would simply throw a black hoodie over her dress until they arrived at the restaurant and dance. She's so casual!

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