Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bloody Nose

Allie was outside playing ball with Paige and several neighborhood children. I heard Paige start screaming and saw her race into the bathroom for toilet paper. By the time I reached the front door to see what was happening, Madelyn and Allie were coming up on the porch. Allie's nose was bleeding profusely. We tried various remedies that I had learned in first aid class to stop nose bleeds to no avail.

I have NEVER seen a nose bleed this bad. It was a steady stream of blood that filled 5 washcloths in just a few minutes. Katie ran to the freezer to get some ice that we applied to the top of her nose. We were still changing out washcloths after 25 minutes and the flow had not lessened. I had Katie call Mike on his cell phone to see how far he was on his journey home from work. Katie offered to drive us to the hospital, but Mike was 5 minutes away so we waited. By the time he got home, the flow was down to a trickle and it eventually stopped 15 minutes later.

It was a very scary experience. Allie was questioned about what had happened. The other girls were playing with her and confirmed what had happened. She was not hit by a ball nor was she picking her nose. She thought that she had stepped on a bird and screamed. She had actually stepped on a stick. Then, her nose began to bleed.
This is the second unexplained nose bleed that she has had since Christmas. Any ideas on why this might occur? Anyone else experience such a huge nose bleed.

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