Friday, July 1, 2011

Fort Wayne Letterboxing

I managed to sneak away on Wednesday and do a little letterboxing with my good friend Melinda. We haven't seen each other since October! Life keep getting in the way whenever we planned to see each other.

We decided to drive down to Fort Wayne, IN. It was one of the few places where neither one of us has boxed yet. Before reaching Fort Wayne, we located a few boxes in Angola. There are four boxes in a public library in Fort Wayne that we decided to find next. We planned on taking about 30-45 minutes to find the boxes. It took longer.....a lot longer. Two of the boxes were easy to locate. The other two boxes were hidden in the stacks. I won't say how long it took us, but it was A LOT longer than it should have taken.

Fortunately, the library was fabulous! I loved the set up and the creativity that went into the design of the facility. They have tons of resources and books. It reminded me how much I miss the library in our former city.

This is the reading tower for children between the ages of 7 and 12. My children would have loved finding a cubby and reading in the tower.

This globe is inspiring. It's huge! I hope that someday I can take my children to spend an afternoon here. They would love it!

After finally locating all the boxes, Melinda and I decided to head back. We managed to try and collect a few boxes on the way home. One box was missing, but the other box was in a beautiful cemetery. We drove past a few more boxes on our way home. We'll have to head back soon to get those. Maybe we will be able to plant some boxes also. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, silliness, and conversation. Just what I needed.


Ewe said...

Fort Wayne is my hometown. There is so much to do there for all ages. Hyde Brothers used bookstore is a must see even if you just browse.The zoo is wonderful. See the seminary. You saw the downtown library. See Saint Paul's LCMS. Eat at Coney Island downtown. Connect with local Loopers. Writing this is making me homesick.

Anonymous said...

Ft Wayne is my hometown too. I was so excited to see the globe at the library. Did you notice that one little portion was purchased by me??? I'll explain. When I was a Girl Scout (some 40 years ago) we worked so hard to raise money for that globe. Of course, I always felt that one square inch was totally made possible by me (not to mention the thousands of other children who worked to buy that globe too). I am resolving to take 30 minutes and stop in to see "my globe' when I'm in town next time.