Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Planning

The younger girls have been at V.B.S. this past week from 10 am until noon. The other children have been sleeping late, due to the heat. What have I been doing with these quiet mornings? Working on next year's school plans! The year is going to be unique because there are only 3 children in our homeschool next year! I'm trying to do as much with the three girls together and have a lot of variation in how we are learning.

The three girls will be doing Bible and music together each morning.

Allie will be doing phonics, math, and spelling with me.

Paige's individual subjects will be math, spelling, and phonics.

Paige and Allie will do Spanish, English, Latin, and science together.

Madelyn individual subjects are language arts, math, science, Spanish and Latin.

The three girls will be doing a variety of unit studies on various subjects throughout the year. We will also be doing history and geography lap-books. I'm planning on covering music theory, art, art appreciation, and group piano sessions, as well as, individual piano and flute lessons.

Obviously, we won't be covering every subject every day of the week. So far, the schedule looks good. I'm getting excited about the new year and love coming up with fun projects and activities.

My boys will be getting on the school bus at 7:00 a.m. Our family used to begin school around 9. With the boys leaving so early, I'm planning on the rest of us starting piano practice around 7:30, so our school day can begin at 8. It would be wonderful to finish earlier in the day next year. I would love more time to do things in the afternoon with the kids. It's going to be a great year!

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