Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Normal Day

Mike was home from work yesterday. He had some projects to complete and I wanted to do a thorough house cleaning, so we didn't see too much of each other. First thing in the morning, Mike went outside to clean a part on Amy's car. He needed a small brush and decided to use his toothbrush, which we planned to replace later in the day.

A few minutes later, Madelyn came up to me asking if I had seen her purple toothbrush. I checked in the toothbrush cups downstairs and asked her to recheck up stairs. After several minutes of searching, she went outside to ask Mike if he had seen the missing brush. There she discovered that Mike was using HER toothbrush to clean Amy's car. Madelyn was very indignant and after much apologizing, Mike stated that he would replace her toothbrush.

After Madelyn returned to the house, Mike began thinking. He took the toothbrush from his toothbrush cup. Why would Madelyn's toothbrush be in his cup. He has been finding his toothbrush on top of the counter after he thought that he had put it away. After a short conversation with Madelyn, we discovered that they had been using the same toothbrush for the last 4 months! Madelyn was extremely grossed out.

On his way to the store, Mike asked Madelyn if he should pick up one or two toothbrushes to replace the one used to clean the car. She was NOT amused!


dakotapam said...

This has happened to us as well. . .we discovered it when oldest son took MY toothbrush to camp. It had been a few months for us as well yuck!

Melrose said...

!!!!!! LOL This made me laugh so hard!!! There is no relationship like a girl and her dad.