Monday, October 24, 2011


The two younger girls, Amy and I spent most of Saturday planting letterboxes in the woods about 30 minutes from our home. We had such a good time, hiking, collecting leaves and acorns, looking at snakes, etc. I've really gotten tired of the rain we've had during the last two weeks.

Everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed each others' company. Paige and Allie got to see a field of cranes and hundred of crows fly over our heads. During the walk through the second park, Paige and Allie decided that they wanted to do reports on their forest trips. They snagged some rocks, pine needles and pine cones to add to the already gathered leaves and acorns. When we returned home, both girls gathered paper, glue, scissors, and writing tools. They happily spent over an hour putting together their report and making a sample board.

On Sunday, Mike, Madelyn and I headed up to Mount Pleasant for a cheerleading stunt clinic. Madelyn is in the competition cheerleading team and this clinic works on throws, pyramids and tumbling. The coaches were surprised that Madelyn was already able to do the tumbling tricks. She did some back flips and was told that she isn't supposed to know those until she is two levels higher in competition.

Madelyn was made the flyer for her team, which means that she gets tossed into the air and caught by her team mates. She also gets to stand at the top of the pyramid and do various poses. Her team mates dropped her three times during the clinic. She was pretty sore by the time we reached home Sunday night.

While she was at the clinic, Mike and I drove around the area and did a little letter boxing. We planted a couple of boxes and managed to find a few. There aren't many boxes planted in the Mount Pleasant area. I'll probably plant several more in the spring when we return for another clinic.

I felt so much better after spending most of the weekend outside. The fresh air and exercise was just what I needed.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Looking at snakes is not my idea of fun.

My daughters would never have wanted to do a field trip report on their own!

Karen said...

I don't like snakes either. They seem to like me though. Every time we go for a walk or hike, the scary little creatures find me. Currently, I'm pretending that they are wonderful animals who eat pests. Hopefully, my children won't inherit by fear.