Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cheer Competition

Last night, we went drove up to Madelyn's cheerleading competition. Mike was helpful and got out of work early, so I wouldn't need to do the long drive home in the dark. My night vision isn't what it used to be. Competition was long, with her division taking 4 hours. Madelyn had fun and her team did really well, finishing 2nd.

Madelyn is lifted by her team on the far right.

Madelyn is on top in the center.
Madelyn is the main flyer for her team. The flyer is the person who gets lifted, thrown, and caught by her team-mates.

Here she is after the competition. Her hair that had taken 2 hours to make super curly has fallen and her make-up was changed from tasteful to sparkly by the coach. She had a great time and will now be heading to the state competition in January. After checking my calendar, I realized that it's on the same day as Paige and Allie's karate competition. I'm hoping that Mike can get that day off of work.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Congratulations to Madelyn! Being little can be useful sometimes.