Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve turned 17 today. How did that happen? He still looks about 13, so he's not usually thought of as being his actual age. Today it hit home. He spent several days this week with a friend from our previous congregation. They went snow boarding (on man made snow) and did some furniture moving for his friend's parents. I picked him up around noon and took him to the Hobby Lobby in Kalamazoo. When we pulled into the parking lot, I recognized Mike's car. Why would Mike be at the craft store? Amy had borrowed his car and was purchasing more jewelry making supplies. Steve quietly walked up to Amy and gave her a big hug, startling her in the process.

He spent our time at Hobby Lobby being a pest....trying to embarrass me by acting like a little kid. When we finally left, after making the cashier laugh, we headed to Walmart to purchase food stuff for his supper. He chose tostados for supper with ice cream Sundays for dessert. My boys almost never choose cake for their birthdays. Everyone is so tired of sweet baked goods by the week after Christmas.

Mike and Amy have to work this evening, but Steve has some friends over this evening and one of them will be spending the night. I'm sure that he will continue to spend the evening driving me nuts (it's his favorite thing to do lately). It's difficult to get angry when he's being annoying, because he is so silly that he makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful boy, who ALWAYS livens things up.

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