Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Day!

Our oldest daughter, Amy had an interview with Stryker this afternoon. She has been looking for full-time employment since she graduated from college, so this interview was a huge deal. After the interview, she called to tell me that she thought it had gone well. Two hours later, she received a phone call offering her the job! She's flying high and is so happy to have a "grown-up" job with benefits. Woo Hoo!

While she and I were laughing and talking about her good news, Joe came home from school. I asked him how his day had gone and he said it was okay. About 5 minutes later, he mentioned that he had been called down to the office and missed one of his classes. I asked what they wanted and learned that he was given a certificate because he was named high school student of the month. His picture will be in the paper later this week. The principal asked him if he knew which of his teacher's had nominated him and he mentioned a couple of possibilities. They told him that it was his health and nutrition teacher. He was the only student to get 100 percent on a recent exam. Not to shabby for a boy whose only been in a classroom for 5 months!

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