Saturday, February 18, 2012

School Update

The younger girls and I have finished our study of ancient Greece and are now on to ancient Rome. As part of our literature study, I read all the Greek myths aloud. Usually, the girls drew pictures about the various gods and then wrote paragraphs telling the particular god's story. Paige and Allie loved hearing they myths.
After each day's reading, Allie would say, "This isn't true, right? This is just a story." I'm so glad that my children learned about mythology at home, where I was able to help them understand the difference between mythology and stories from the Bible. I remember struggling with the difference when I was in 1st grade at the public school. It's such a blessing to be able to help them gain discernment when they have the trouble, instead of hopefully catching their questions after the school day is over.

Madelyn has completed her Apologia science for the year. I considered starting her on the 9th grade Biology class, but she is considering going to the public high school next year, so we're going to spend more time on writing instead. I'd like her to have more experience writing research papers before high school. Amy (my college English major) is going to tutor her in writing for the remainder of the school year. I'll continue to do grammar, but the writing will no longer be my responsibility.

We're plugging along with all the other subjects and should finish at the end of April or early May. We love ending the school year when the weather becomes warm and sunny. I think we're all looking forward to long hikes and picnics in the woods.


Glenda said...

My kids brought home from the library the movie Jason and the Argonauts about the mythological story of Jason searching for the Golden Fleece. We haven't watched it yet so I can't speak to the quality, but it sure looks interesting!

Karen said...

Thanks! I'll see if our library has a copy.