Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Allergy Relief

My husband and children suffer from several allergies. It's fairly easy for them to ignore the winter allergies, but once the pollen levels rise, they are miserable. A couple of weeks before Easter, I noticed that none of the children could make it through the church service without getting more Kleenex. Easter Sunday was dreadful for the children due to the large number of lilies around the altar. I really hate to give my children allergy medicines because we have noticed that the children need stronger medicines over time to get relief. The children seem to develop a resistance to the lower dose medications. Last summer, I read an article that suggested using local, unpasteurized honey instead of antihistamines and other medications. Amy tried using a teaspoon of honey each day on toast. After about 3 1/2 weeks, she no longer needed medication. The honey helps a person's immune system develop antibodies for the pollens in the area. It is extremely important that the honey is gathered within 5 miles of the user's home. The younger children began taking honey this week. Hopefully, we will be able to stop purchasing and using allergy medications soon.


Melinda said...

Hi Karen- I'll be interested to hear how this works for your family. I'd heard about this honey thing also. Please post an update in a few weeks. :)

Jasmin said...

At home we have a bottle of honey, my father bought it for my mother as medicine. Karen, for me just continue to the honey therapy for your kids, since it's not harmful, you can also just make it as filling in a sandwich which is I do.