Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letterboxing Day!

Amy, Madelyn and I spent several hours up in White Cloud, MI on Sunday letterboxing in the Manistee National Forest.  The Northern Trail was gorgeous.  The trail was well marked and had great clearance on all sides.  We found the trail head off of MI-37.  There were two different trails available and both had letterboxes!  The letter boxes were all marked as "1 mile or less" or "1-2 miles".  We thought that we would be able to get through at least 2 different trails.


Madelyn and Amy were enjoying the hike and discovering various plants and critters along the way.  Madelyn was in charge of photography.  We saw this clump of moss that reminded us of a turtle.

It was approximately 1/2 a mile hike to the first  box.  It was an easy find, but we got a little mixed up trying to find our way back to the main trail.      The hike to the next box on our list said that it was 1-2 miles.  It     ended up being 1-2 miles from the first box.  Each box on this trail was 1-2 miles from each other.  We            quickly realized that we would not be able to get all 4 trails in the area or even the two trails in this area!  I   was a little disappointed, but decided to enjoy our searches and try to return another time.                                                                                                                 
Madelyn loved this red fungus.

See the small toad on the leaf?  Madelyn thought that it would be a great little pet to take with her to cheer camp.  We left it there.

After we nabbed the final box on this trail, Amy checked her GPS.  We had traveled 6 miles and had 6 more mile to hike to return to our car.  A little further than the 1-2 mile walk we had planned!  In honor of our beautiful afternoon hike, we planted a letterbox along the trail.  I plan to label it as a 2-4 mile hike.  I don't want someone else to underestimate the amount of time to get these boxes.

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