Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Water Fest

Joe and Katie on the Scrambler.

Paige, Madelyn, Joe and Katie on the Tornado.

Joe and Paige on the Scrambler

Our small town celebrates the rivers that flow through the center of town each summer.  The celebration is called Water Fest.  A carnival opens in the large parking lots near the skateboard park.  The large park, which includes a really small zoo, is the location for a huge craft fair.  On the last night of the celebration, a fireworks show happens a another park.  We always watch the fireworks from our front yard.

The children all enjoy spending a day at the carnival wearing their unlimited-ride wrist bands.  This year, I took Kate, Joe, Madelyn, Paige, and Allie to the carnival.  The temperature was hot and sticky.  We stayed for 2 hours and then returned home to cool off.  After drinks and a snack, Joe and Madelyn returned to the carnival with Paige and Allie for another hour and a half. 

Amy spent two days at her booth at the craft show.  She did really well and sold quite a few items.  Her jewelry is unique and she received a ton of favorable comments.

Allie rode on the alligator roller coaster while the older children went on the tornado ride.
Allie in the fun house.

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Melinda said...

Hey Karen, You should post some pictures of Amy's jewelry and other things for us to see. I bet I'm not the only one who'd like it!