Monday, August 20, 2012

Blueberries on the Cheap

I missed out on most of the blueberry crop this summer.  The crop was small in our area due to the extremely high temperatures in June and July.  The berries were drying out on the bushes.  The local stores were selling picked berries for $26 for 10 pounds. The price was way to expensive for me to freeze for our large family!  The 100 degree temperatures make me physically ill, so picking them ourselves was out of the question.

After the local crop was officially picked, I noticed a sign in the newspaper for u-pick berries for 50 cents a pound!  the temperature was in the low 80's so Mike and I and some of the children went blueberry picking.  The berries were very small, but bursting with sweet-tart flavor.  We didn't get nearly as many berries as I wanted, but we will at least be able to have blueberry pancakes this fall and winter.

Next summer, I plan to get enough u-pick berries to freeze and make jam when the berries are at peak availability, but we will also go picking at the end of the season for bargain prices.

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