Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching Up

I can't believe that it is the middle of October!  We've been busy with school and the new support group that we have joined.  School has been very productive so far this school year.  The younger girls are plowing through all of their subjects and (joy oh joy) Paige has decided that math is one of her favorite school subjects!  It's been awhile since I had a math lover to teach and I plan to enjoy every minute of instruction. 

Paige and Allie are enjoying their ballet class.  We're really impressed with the class and may even add more dance classes next year.  The karate class began at the end of September.  Allie and Paige were thrilled when a few of their friends joined the class.  The organization is hosting a one-day camp where the participants get to learn from Shaolin monks.   The two girls would like to go, but the cost is a little prohibitive right now.  Instead, I'll be taking Paige and Allie to a ballet in Kalamazoo.

Madelyn is moving quickly through her math program.  We purchased Teaching Textbooks for her this year and it seems to be a good mix.  I noticed that there were times when she needed more instructional time than was available on a consistent manner and this program has been a good solution to the problem.

Joe is having another productive school year.  He's taking a tough load of classes and is running 55-60 miles each week.  Yesterday, the coach asked Joe to be the team leader for the next two year.  The coach feels that Joe is a natural leader, has a great work ethic, is well respected by his team mates, and motivates the other runners.  I'm so glad that we homeschooled Joe as long as we did.  He would be such a different child had he tried to fit in before becoming sure of himself. 

Steve is working hard on his music.  His instructor is encouraging Steve to attend a university in Indiana next  year.  The instructor teaches music at the university's college of music.  We hadn't thought about going to school out of state, so there will be more things to look into now.  I'm concerned that the out-of-state tuition will be incredibly expensive.  Steve's music teacher is looking into scholarship opportunities for Steve.

Mike is working non-stop on the two houses.  He and I have finally completed painting the exterior of our current home.  I love how it turned out!  We went with a light gray for the siding, white windows, charcoal gray for the window frames and black for the house's foundation.  The porch and decks are a blue-gray.  Mike even painted the chimney grey.  The previous owners got paint on the lower chimney, so we decided that painting it would improve the curb appeal of our house.

Here's a list of other projects that Mike has completed with a little assistance from me:

Installed new light fixture in hallway of current home
Built three railings for the steps of the current house
Fixed leak in water main of project house
Removed wall paper from kitchen of project house
Replaced three windows in project house
Removed leaves from yard of current home  (20 hours+)
Installed water shut off valve in project house

The roof replacement should begin next week and then we will be able to begin ripping out drywall and installation.  My homeschool students have already figured out how we will be able to do school while I'm working at the project house. 

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