Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I have always enjoy beginnings.  They are so full of hope and opportunity.  It's not unusual for me to look at beginnings as a chance to make needed changes in my life.  This year, I'm not making resolutions.  There are so many other things going on that I don't want to add more stress to my life.  There are still some changes that I will be working towards, but feeling like a failure because a goal isn't met is too distracting for me.

The past year brought a number of changes into my life.  I'm also hitting that time of life when my body is going through female-type of changes.  Peri-menopause has been filled with some surprises.  My migraines have returned with more regularity and struggling with depression is a daily event.  I realize that these changes are normal, but this is not who I am.  My enthusiasm for everything is almost non-existent.  Dragging myself out of bed is difficult.

A few weeks ago, I started taking St. John's Wort everyday.  It seems to be helping, but the gloominess still creeps in unexpectedly.  Mike and I talked about this and I'm going to make an effort to walk outdoors for 30-60 minutes each day, eat healthier and take St. John's Wort.  If I'm still struggling by spring, I'm going to go see someone.   My family misses the humor and enthusiasm that I used to bring to our family.  My younger girls deserve better from me than they are currently getting.

So while I haven't made resolutions that are opportunities to fail, I have made some simple plans to improve my general health and happiness.  May you all have a joy filled and blessed New Year.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

I pray that you get through this with minimal emotional stress.