Monday, January 7, 2013


Last week, I started taking the herb, Black Cohosh after doing some research on the internet for something to help my depression and time-of-life problems.  It's been amazing!  My energy level is increasing, my mood swings are much better, and most importantly my depression is greatly improved.  I haven't cried for almost a week (except while watching Les Mis). 

Obviously, my experience is limited to short term, but it seems to be what I needed to feel more like myself.  One thing that I did read as a possible problem is liver failure.  Mike and Amy promised to watch my skin tone and the whites of my eyes to check for yellowness.  It's a slight concern, but something that could easily be overlooked.

Wish I had tried this a couple of years ago.


MaryAnn said...

My Chiropractor has me on Hyper-E which is 400 IU of a natural vitamin E. This has lowered my hormonal migraine occurances. Hopefully once we've gone through menopause, migraines will be in the past.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I'm really glad you found something to work.