Friday, March 1, 2013

Full House Again

Katie moved back in with us yesterday.  It didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked.  She is going to room with Paige and Allie for the next month or so, until we move into the project house.  The two youngest girls were supposed to get their room deep cleaned over the weekend.  On Tuesday, I asked them to make sure that everything was put away.

In all the business of working on the other house, driving kids places, and normal living, I didn't check on their progress.  Katie wasn't happy to be moving into a very messy bedroom!  Paige and Allie refuse to put anything into their closet, because it's clean and once they put things in their closet, it becomes difficult to keep clean.  While their thinking seems strange, it does make sense.....sort of.  Katie's stuff is now in piles in the center of the room.  There is no room for the trundle bed to be pulled out.  Therefore, Paige slept inside the closet last night. 

Last night filled my heart with happiness.  Everyone was in the family room sitting and talking.  Katie was joking with Amy about who was going to set where.  Steve was adamant that a Taco Bell trip was necessary before Amy, Kate and Steve could go to the movies.  Paige and Allie were giggling together on the floor.  Madelyn was laughing with Joe and his girlfriend. in another corner of the room.  I know that several of the kids will be heading off to college soon and that the days of us all being together are numbered.  Right now though, I'm going to enjoy having everyone together.

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